Wednesday, October 13, 2010

32 weeks... on the countdown!

Hey everyone, what an exciting day! We had two doctor's visits today. Both went amazing. They did a final growth scan today and all three babies are weighing right at 4lbs. I am 32 weeks and 2 days, 25 days until 36 weeks, so they are estimating that at 36 weeks they will weigh close to 6lbs give or take. We are so excited that the pregnancy is going so well. What a blessing! So, November 8th is the scheduled C-Section. Tomorrow I switch the Heparin injections. This is to manage the blood clotting disorder that I have during pregnancy. They switch you over at 32 weeks, because the Heparin is fast acting blood thinner; therefore it works through your system quicker. Other than the good news from the doctor, not much more is happening in the Bourland world. I hope all is well for everyone.

Love, Paige

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is an amazing shower!!!

September 14th

Yesterday, my first grade team members gave me a diaper/giftcard shower. I was blown away by how many diapers we recieved as well as the amount of gift cards!!! WOW... amazing generosity! I was 28 weeks yesterday... feeling good! Past the point of uncomfortable, but I know the longer the babies make it, the healthier they will be. The babies are wiggling all the time! It is a feeling so undescribable. I have maternity pics this Saturday... fun times, I hope there is alot of photo shop being done! Giggle Snaps, is also doing a Diaper Drive this Saturday!I go to both doctor's next Wednesday, so hopefully I continue to hear great news! At my 32 week visit, they will do a final growth scan to get an estimate of the babies weight along with measuring the amount of fluids... and checking so much more. I have 3 more weeks on Lovenox shots, and then onto Heparin for a few weeks, until the scheduled C-Section date. I will so glad to be done with giving myself shots. My fertility shots to these for the past few years, I am so over injections! BTW... scheduled C- Section date is set for November 8th (Aunt Bea's Birthday)! The day is approaching very quickly... everything is set and ready except for the hostipal bag, kind of important I guess! This weekend we are celebrating Pop's 75th Birthday... rock on Pop! I can not wait to see everyone, especially my precious Cole. Bryleigh has been asking about Sunday all week. I hope all is well for everyone, continued praying for healthy babies!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update from Week 26... last weeks appointment

Hey Everyone,

All is good with the Bourland clan... all six of us! Pacer is very busy with football, Bryleigh is back with Mrs. Kristi while I am working. I had both doctor's visit this past week, and everything is still going very well. They did a full growth scan to see how the babies were growing. All three weighed 1pd. 12 oz.... Wow, almost 6 pounds of just baby at 26 weeks. The doctor does not see any reason of why I will not carry to 36 weeks, unless something some major changes take place. He estimates that if I carry to 36 weeks, the babies could weigh close to 6 pds. each! Next appointment with OB is on Wednesday the 8th, and then they will do the final growth scan at 30 weeks on the 22nd of September. We truly appreciate is continued prayers... GOD IS GREAT!

Love, Paige

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Updates from the past month..

August 10th

I will just start off by saying... I know I stink at this blogging stuff! Since my last post, I have to say the family shower was wonderful! It is great to have such a wonderful family. Babies room is very close to be finised! We had a small crisis with the fabric,thinking that it may had been discontinued, but after driving all over the world (thank you, honey!) we found some the jungle fabric. Yeah!

During the past month, I have seen both doctors twice, and not much has changed other than the size of my belly!!! High Risk, says everything is still looking great. This past appointment, he did the FFN swab (checks for pre-term labor, and that came back negative, so that is a bonus! Two weeks ago, I did my first glucose tests, which checks for gestational diabetes and that came back clear as well. I am measuring 7 weeks ahead, so 31 weeks. WOWZERS!! In two weeks, I go back to see both doctors on the 25th. They will do a full growth scan to see how all three babies are growing. They did this at 14 weeks, and all three were measuring the same. That is what we are hoping to see at the next appointment. With Dr. Gardner, I do a repeat Glucose test, just because I am carrying multiples.

I began back to school this Monday... a little nervous on how I will hold up, but I must keeping looking ahead and taking each day with a blessing. Dr. Thigpen tells me I am super woman... he says he has never seen a mother carrying multiples do as well as I have up to this point. What a blessing! We continue to pray that I am able to carry these babies as long as possible. I have days that I am pretty uncomcomfortable, but that is just how it is! Anyone that complains about morning sickness during the first 12 weeks like most pregnancies are, I just want to give a big laugh! Thanks for continuing to follow... and I hope to do better about updates!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 20... doctors visit

July 16th

I had a visit to both doctors today. Both said everything is going very well. I am measuring 25 weeks, and the two girls have heartbeats at 148 bpm, and Peyton's HB is 138 bpm. Dr. Thigpen measured the cervix once again to check for incompetent cervix, and then took a look at all three babies. It is getting pretty cramped in there... I believe I am starting to experience what people call " Braxton Hicks contraction." He said that is completely normal. I go back to the both doctors in two weeks, glucose test, and cervix check. Everything seems to be progressing right along. I am so excited for my upcoming showers... I can not wait to finish the nursery within the next few weeks, YEAH! More to come next weeks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deciding on names... OMG this is hard!

July 8th

Hey Friends, Okay so here it is... I think Pacer and I have finally come to an agreement on the names. One name is hard enough, but 3.. crazy! So here it is... drum roll please...

Addalynn Diane
Cambrie Elle
Peyton Allen

The middle names are family names. Diane is Pacer's mom middle name. Elle is my mom's middle names, well kind of. Her middle name is Machelle, but we both like the abbreviated version, and then of course Allen is Pacer and his father's middle name.

So there it is... Whew! No more thinking... no more suggestions! It is very cute to hear Bryleigh say the names!

No doctor's appointment this week, next Thursday I will see both doctors.

I am some what concerned about the pressure that I am beginning to notice these last few days, but I am sure it is because I am carrying TRIPLETS!

My aunt is making the crib bedding... I am so excited to see the final product. Pacer is in the process of painting the cribs, and this past week, Pacer and his dad did some furniture rearrangment to make room for the upstairs nursery. Exciting and busy time!

More to come next week!

Love, Paige

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Weekly Doctor's Visit... Great News!

July 2nd,

A visit to the Specialist, and Dr. Thigpen says he could not be happier in the progress of the pregnancy. These past few weeks he has been monitoring and checking for an incompetent cervix. I go back in two weeks to checks again at 20 weeks, and if everything looks good, he will see me at 22 weeks to then start monitoring pre term labor issues until around 32 weeks, crazy, it seems so short of time, but so long! All three babies are doing great, strong heartbeats, and wiggling everywhere. You would think that the sonogram pictures would be so neat, but with three, it is so hard to see much of anything. They again checked gender and 2 girls and 1 boy, so I think we can say it is official!

We registered today... how fun! It seemed like we were registering for the entire store, but I guess with three and both genders, you practically are! Check out Babies R Us!

Pacer and I are in the beginning stages of rearranging the house. As many of you know, Pacer's upstairs sports room, is transforming into a wonderful jungle themed nursery. We have changed Bryleigh into a "big girl bed"... Yeah, but kind of sad! We, I mean Pacer with some supervision, is soon going to begin painting two of the cribs (the girls crib). Good times ahead!

All is well! Thanks for the continued prayers!